Gio Bien Resort Phu Quoc

Gio Bien Resort Phu Quoc is a seaside resort, located in the section of Ganh Dau - Phu Quoc, where this center you can see the land (Cambodia), you will always feel the fresh, cool a features of the Phu Quoc Sea. Around a resort-lined space parts of the goods, positive, non-working blue on smooth white sand.

You'll forget the worries of hard work and busy life was about to find yourself and enjoy the moments of comfort and their families.

Along with this high non-employment, in the visitors dropping melodic soul by the sea and the wind rushed fence, the gold strike the ear is the melody that characterized southern smooth, sweet sentences of Solo amateur art, a special art form that visitors can ask your favorite service at any time.

Not only beaches, Gio Bien Resort also has trees and rare animals to satisfy the needs of the tour you learn as: Mango cheerfully about 200 years old ancient trees, some 30 year old stone crab, fish demon face Maximum ... and many other interesting things are waiting for you.

Gio Bien Resort is blessed with long beaches and white sand and blue sea coral natural sequence, gives visitors an unforgettable holiday in this beautiful island ...

Daily Tour
One day fishermen

Questions by boat fishermen who will guide visitors wandering on the sea, and stay in the colorful coral reefs, in where visitors can experience life ....


Visiting the beach party program for Campfire couples, seafood, wine sim, music on the white sand, sparkling under the moonlight (full moon in the night) ...



Resort Phu Quoc